Saturday, 19 March 2011

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Other speciality inks and tranfers which can be used in the silkscreen proccess

Super Glow

Super glow is exactly what it sounds like: glow in the dark ink, Glow ink comes in a variety of colours, including yellow orange, red, sky blue, aqua, violet and white. It’s transparent, but not completely, so it’ll show up very faintly in daylight. Glow ink works best on light coloured substrates. On dark coloured substrates it needs an opaque white base to work, so if you’re using glow ink on a dark substrate be aware that the glow part of the design will appear white in daylight. Glow ink can also be layered over other ink.

UV Colour Change 

UV ink works like magic. Almost completely invisible indoors, UV ink shows its colours when exposed to sunlight. The colours produced are not as bright as normal inks, but UV ink can be made in any colour. UV ink only works on light coloured substrates and cannot be layered over other inks.


Puff is a rounded, raised ink that’s best used on organic shapes and lines. Hard edges and angles are softened and can be lost when used with puff ink. It can be used for detail work, however, the smaller the detail, the smaller the “puff.” Puff ink is not suited for large areas of ink, since it will be very heavy on the substrate.

High Density

High density ink is much like puff ink, but it’s a square stack raised ink. That means it works best for shapes and lines with hard edges and angles. High density ink can also be printed clear, which creates a darkened tonal effect on the substrate without adding colour.


Blister ink is like puff paint with dimples. It’s thick and can create a lot of texture on the substrate. Because it’s so heavy, it’s best not to use this ink on large fill areas.


Shimmer is sparkly, metallic ink that is available in black, silver, and bronze and gold. It works best in larger areas with no fine detail.


Glitter ink is like shimmer ink, but features thick glitter flakes instead of tiny metallic sparkles. It’s available in a range of basic crayon colours. Like shimmer  ink, it works best in larger areas with no fine detail. Glitter ink is also a little transparent, so if you layer glitter ink over other inks, the colours underneath will peek through.

Metallic Clear

Metallic clear ink can be printed over other basic inks to produce a metallic shiny effect. When printed directly on the tee, it produces a darkened tonal effect with a hint of shimmer.

Suede ink is a raised ink with a fuzzy texture. The line work must be at least 1/8” to 1/4” to appear fuzzy. Like puff and high density ink, suede ink does not work well in large solid areas.


Vinyl is a plastic-like material just like the stuff you find on sports jerseys. It comes in a Flock an array of basic crayon colours.

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