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Noteble Linocut/print artists

Pablo Picasso

One of the Wolds most highly recognised and loved artist Pablo Picasso help return linoPrinting to providence.

Picasso's linocuts were made by gouging out a sheet of linoleum which had been fused onto a harder block of wood.  (Linoleum, softer and lighter than wood, allowed Picasso to work more quickly than would have been possible by working from woodblocks alone.)  Using gouges, he would cut out the areas of his intended image that were to be absent of colour (and therefore appear the colour of the paper when printed).  The relief areas that remain would be inked, usually with a brayer.  Paper would be put on the inked linoleum block and pressure applied, after which the inked image is transferred to the paper.  If there were to be multiple colours, Picasso would create a separate linoleum block, each corresponding to a different colour, each printed in succession.  This is how he worked since his first linocuts were created in 1958.

In later years he become more economical and ingenious, inventing the technique of printing multiple colours from a single linoleum block by printing the linocut, cutting out more of the block, inking it again and printing it a second time in a second colour on the earlier printed single-color example, successively adding colours while continuing the process.

Ian Phillips

Phillips mainly concentrates on landscapes depicting scenes from his native Wales.
 These images are beautifully detailed and carry a stunning sense of energy.
 mist rising


Walter Claude Flight

Walter Claude Flight born London also known as Claude Flight or W. Claude Flight was a British artist who pioneered and popularised the linoleum cut technique. He also painted, illustrated and made wood cuts.

Cyril Edward Powe

Was an English artist best known for his linocut prints, long-standing artistic partnership with Canadian artist Sybil Andrews and for co-founding The Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London in 1925?

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