Saturday, 19 March 2011

Notable drypoint artists

The technique appears to have been invented by the House book Master, a south German fifteenth century artist, all of whose prints are in dry point only. Among the most famous artists of the old master print Albrecht Durer produced 3 dry points before abandoning the technique; Rembrandt used it frequently, but usually in conjunction with etching and engraving. As intaglio techniques, they can all be used on the same plate. Alex Katz used this process to create several of his famous works, such as "Sunny" and "The Swimmer".

In the 20th Century, many artists produced dry points, including Max Beckmann, Milton Avery, and Hermann-Paul. By adding aquatint work on the plate and inking with various colours, artists such as Mary Cassatt have produced colour dry points. Canadian artist David Brown Milne is credited as the first to produce coloured dry points by the use of multiple plates, one for each colour

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